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Google’s Nexus One

January 5th, 2010 · 3 Comments · tech

Will the introduction of Google’s new smartphone be the beginning of a paradigm shift in a mobile industry characterized by restrictions and locked devices? Looks like it! As the WSJ explains:

First, the search giant is bringing out a beautiful, sleek new Android phone, the Nexus One, built to its specifications. Second, it has decided to offer the new phone—and future models—to consumers directly, unlocked, via the Web, and then invite multiple carriers to compete to sell service plans and subsidized versions of the hardware.

So what does this mean? What we’re getting here is not just the introduction of new hardware to compete with the iPhone and BlackBerry, but also the advent of a new way of doing business in mobile telecom, without contracts and subsidies. Of course, it’s not like unlocked phones have never been seen before, but even so, this push by the Google giant is sure to make waves.

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