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Shairporter for Your Airport Commutes!

June 12th, 2012 · 4 Comments · NYC, tech

If you live in New York City, you have a few ways of getting to the airport. On the public transportation side, you you can take the E train and AirTrain (1 hour from my apartment) to JFK, or the 2/3 trains and the M60 bus (55 minutes) to LaGuardia. On the private side, you have buses to Newark as well as cabs and black cars that will take you to JFK in 40 minutes or LaGuardia  in 25 minutes (from my apartment). With the speedier rides, though, you also have increased costs to the tune of a 10x difference (~$5 vs. ~$50).

What if there were a way to get cab / black car speed and reliability at a cost much closer to that of public transportation, though? That’s what my friend Winston is doing with Shairporter, a ride-sharing service for cabs and limos, focusing on trips to and from airports in the NYC area. I can’t disclose too much beyond that right now, but stay tuned for the big launch in a few months! You can sign up for the private invite list here.

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  • http://twitter.com/douglaslin douglaslin

    what about super shuttle?

  • http://about.me/markchou Mark Chou

    Fair point! Forgot about them. But I think my issue with Super Shuttle is that you might be making circles for a while picking up or dropping off people, which makes takes away much of the speed and reliability advantage. But if you have lots of luggage and a limited budget, it's still a better bet than public transpo, I suppose!

  • http://twitter.com/douglaslin douglaslin

    i would be curious how shairporter could resolve those logistics/reliability issues as time is obviously sensitive when you have a flight to catch. the $15 buses to all airports from penn/port authority/gct are a good way to go if you leave from work and have just a carry on

  • http://about.me/markchou Mark Chou

    Haha yeah, keep your eyes peeled for the official launch. I don't think I can divulge full details of how things will work as of yet, but I think you'll have your questions answered!